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(Español) Aprende más sobre nuestro nuevo pepino Tirano!

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Ahern and Top Seeds Working Together

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Enza Zaden & Ahern: A winning combination!

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Field day Oaxaca: Tobala Tomato

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Enza Zaden and Ahern Seeds Meet at Expo AgroAlimentaria

December 8, 2015 - On November 26th Enza Zaden and Ahern Seeds gathered at Enza Zaden’s greenhouses in the Guanajuato Expo AgroAlimentaria facility to examine new materials, such as E15B4805, a round indeterminate tomato. This promising variety has a more open plant habit than Forenza. Furthermore the calix attachment is improved, and it's of superior quality. Also discussed was Pai Pai, an indeterminate roma tomato, which is a popular variety due to its size and adaptability to different microclimates in Mexico. In regard to cucumbers, commercial varieties such as Primavera and Paraíso were discussed. These varieties continue to be leaders in the market because of their outstanding plant vigor, high yields, and superior fruit size and color. Exciting new developments for Enza Zaden include the new smooth cucumber program. Tirano is the first of a new generation of promising new experimental varieties available for trials in 2016.

     "These types of reunions take place regularly, with the purpose of bringing both teams up to date on information regarding the management and adaptation of varieties."- Paulo Garcia,  Sales Manager for Central/South Mexico and Central America.

To see more photos visit our facebook page here.


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Persian Cucumber Field Day

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7°Simposio Internacional de Invernaderos en Guadalajara

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Didymella Bryoniae en Pepinos

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7th International Greenhouse Simposium

The International Greenhouse Symposium is right around the corner, taking place June 24- 26 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The event includes two parts: a tradeshow and greenhouses demonstrations. The tradeshow will be at the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce: Av. Vallarta No. 4095 Fracc. The greenhouses are at the Centro Regional de Servicios Integrales para la Agricultura Protegida (CRESIAP).. This event, in its 7th year, is an opportunity for growers from across the country to learn about the latest high- tech varieties of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Growers can learn and update their knowledge on nutrition, pests, diseases, and new management methods and technologies. They can learn about packaging and the latest market demands, for both the export and domestic markets. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with industry professionals from many regions as well as get answers to questions from technicians attending the event. Thus, creating and strengthening commercial bonds. Simposio2 For Ahern this is an opportunity to present the latest genetics in protected crops. We understand the complexity of growers’ needs which is why we strive to work closely with our customers. During this event we hope to expand your knowledge in the latest farming techniques and genetics in the industry. Attending the event will be Ahern representatives with over 20 years of experience. They are eager to share their extensive knowledge and provide you with advice so you can have the best crops in your greenhouse. We hope to see you in this great event! Click here to sign up Watch this video to learn more.

Enza Zaden Cucumber Field Day

"Close cooperation between Enza Zaden and business partner Ahern International has lead to some promising new cucumber varieties in the Baja region, Mexico. These varieties were presented during a combined tour in this region. During this tour Enza Zaden and Ahern visited several key growers in the area." Click here to read more.

7th International Greenhouse Simposium

This year at the 7th Internacional Greenhouse Simposium, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. will be a sponsor.

Be sure to visit our stand and greenhouse, where we will have varieties of beef, roma and specialty tomatoes as well as cucumbers. 

Simposio de Internaderos

We Have a Field

By: Enrique Peña, Regional Manager, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.

If you are a grower, this may resemble your story. Your start was probably difficult and challenging maybe it was a plot of land with hot peppers, beef or saladette tomatoes of furrow irrigation. You decided that this would be a promising business and you insisted on it. You took the following steps to be more progressive:
  1. Since rainfall was an obstacle you needed to install stakes and raffia.
  2. You needed to manage the watering system better so it was necessary to set up drip irrigation.
  3. Once you were more comfortable, you brought in the integrated management of illnesses and plagues.
  4. Exportation was in your reach but you needed to make a large investment in good packing installations.
  5. Plagues became uncontrollable, while the list of authorized chemicals was reduced.
  6. You needed to invest in protected culture equipment: shade houses if the climate was hot and rain was scarce. A plastic greenhouse if the weather was cold or if it rained a lot. Since these structures are expensive they are worth more than the land they cover.
  7. You needed to get a certificate: good agricultural practices say so.
  8. Better treatment of the laborers is necessary: IMSS, SAT, clinic, doctor, school, teacher, social workers
  9. More staff in your administration, professionals in each area.
Etc. etc. etc. Fixed costs are through the roof!!! It is impossible to stop now, there is too much invested. Do we still have a field? It is always possible to improve… Within these improvements is PRODUCTIVITY and within that, a very important player. The SEED: First creoles, then hybrids; now with many disease resistances, high quality fruit, and the promise of a high yield. The growth is indeterminate and the harvest is prolonged for 6 to 10 months or more! How do I get the best variety since there are hundreds? Which one is the best for my region, my market and my crop management? Do I need to have my own experimental field? Can I manage the costs? At Ahern we take care of that matter: we investigate, test, and evaluate close to you. We always give the best recommendation since our success depends on your success. WE GROW WITH YOU!


By: Erick Rios, Product Development, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.

Though all kinds of chilies are produced in the region, in this case, I refer specifically to the wonderful crop that is the chili jalapeño, and the tenacity of the growers in Northern Sinaloa for their desire and ability to keep producing it Year after year, at the end of the growing cycle, you will hear the jalapeño growers of the region, talk about their reluctance in continuing to produce this crop. They end up frustrated from the various complications producing jalapeños in the region. The difficulties begin in the planning stage and continue to the time of harvest and commercialization. Many swear they will never attempt to produce jalapeños again.
April Newsletter 2
Among the many problems that affect the region, climate may be the most important. The climate is and has always been a large factor in the healthy development of jalapeños in the region. Since it has been changing so frequently, it has greatly influenced the spread of disease and insects. Let’s reference the frost of 2011 and the substantial economic loss caused by the pepper weevil (Anthonomus eugenii). Another important factor regarding climate is rainfall. Rainfall can cause problems with nematodes and bacteria, although the nematodes and bacteria have not been a big problem this season, they are very important because of their ability to significantly increase the cost of production.
April Newsletter 1
All that I have mentioned present  huge challenges for seed companies. Companies work hard to constantly improve the crops’ genetics. The unrelenting spirit these growers display by insisting on producing this extraordinary crop, even in the tough conditions of northern Sinaloa, must be recognized. This is the reason why we at at Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. evaluate many new varieties with our suppliers, season after season. We feel accountable to the growers to find the best variety to honor the overwhelming TENACITY of these admirable people.
April Newsletter 3

Successful Event: Expo Agro Sinaloa

The week of February 16th, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. participated at the Expo Agro Sinaloa. Our booth's display included technical sheets of a plethora of varieties and on display were fruits of some of our most popular selling seeds. Ahern's team thanks everyone who visited us at our stand and field.

Armando Luna, expert in beans, squash, and peppers (spicy and sweet), shares his comments with us about the expo:

 "Although in essence, the Expo Agro Sinaloa is not like in it was its beginning, there is still an appreciation for vegetables from people of Sinaloa, making this event a positive experience. One of the things that surprised me most was the interest shown for habanero peppers, which generated many inquries by growers from all parts of Mexico and abroad."

Habanero seed is available for purchase now.

Habaneros Amarillos Habaneros Anaranjados  Habaneros Chocolates  Habaneros Rojos
At the Expo, we had information on all kinds of seeds that we distribute. Most of the people who visited our stand were seeking vegetable crop advice. "... Our producers are interested in our services and want to get to know us better, we have the contacts and the desire to do so" states PD representative Samelí Lopez . 

One way we provide farmers with world class genetics is by testing our seeds in every region where we distribute. In Sinaloa, we have been working on our experimental field since September 2014 with experts in each species including Roman Lopez who has over 25 years experience in tomato crops.

Despite the intense rainfall on February 16th, we showed our experimental field to suppliers and growers of the region. More than 400 varieties of tomatoes and over 100 different varieties of peppers are displayed. Among them are these outstanding varieties:

Roma Indeterminate:

Pai Pai, Imad, DRK-2180, DRK-2189, SV0141, V 301, V 305, V 322 and V 427, ToM0004638, TOM 5388, TOM 4638, TOM 3742, TOM 5336, TOM 5337, TOM 5551, TOM 4719, TOM 5553

Beaf Indeterminate:

TOM0003554, Piranha, Mx-7047, Torry, Yigido, DRW-7834, Lezaforta, TOM 5340, TOM5348, TOM 5339, TOM 5346

AS 3554 (polished)
Mini Bell Peppers: Red: 1416, Yellow: 1440, Orange: 1450
mini bell

If you would like to visit our experimental field or get more information on these varieties contact Mario Gastelum: mgastelum@ahernseeds.com; 667-102-4540.

Our participation in the Expo Agro Sinaloa was very successful.

“We thank all growers who visited our booth to see our genetics. We invite you to visit us at our experimental field located in: Costa Rica, Sinaloa.” Luis Enrique Sanchez Barrios, Sales Representative North Sinaloa and Sonora.

"I want to thank each and every one who visited us in our experimental field in the valley of Culiacan, during the days of the Expo Agro 2015. It was a pleasure to have you here and show you our range of products. Our field is still open for whenever you want to visit, so do not hesitate to contact us."- Ing. Guadalupe Felix Castro, Sinaloa Development

Mario Gastelum, Sales Representative South Sinaloa, says,

"The Expo Agro Sinaloa promotes the development of farming nationwide, it helps develop relationships between high technology, growers and technicians. It is a good event for  promoting technological developments, and especially gives everyone throughout the country an opportunity to do business."

At Ahern we are proud to share our knowledge with you and build strong relationships that benefit all. We grow with you!

Ahern at the Expo Agro Sinaloa

For the third consecutive year, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. holds its experimental shade house during the Expo Agro Sinaloa, which you can attend by making an appointment from February 16 to 29. We hold different varieties of tomatoes including indeterminate Beef, Roma, Grape, Cherry and Cluster, as well as a wide variety of specialty high taste, shape and color. During the expo we will be present at stand T-31 , where we can take you to visit our experimental field. Many industry leaders participate in this event from companies like: Zeraim Gedera, Syngenta, Enza Zaden, Monsanto, HM Clause, BHN, Asian companies, American Takii, Vilmorin, Erma Zaden, United Genetic, Tokita and more. Some outstanding Indeterminate Roma varieties we can mention are from companies such as Enza Zaden: grafted Pai Pai; HM Clause: Moctezuma, and Canek; Syngenta: Imad; Monsanto: DRK-2180, DRK-2189 and SV0141; VILMORIN: V 301, V 305, V 322 and V 427, and of course Ahern with our ToM0004638. We also have Beef tomatoes recently introduced to the market these varieties are: TOM0003554 from Ahern; Syngenta's: Piranha, Mx-7047, Torry; Monsanto's: Yigido, DRW-7834; and Enza Zaden's: Lezaforta among others. Furthermore, we invite you to get to know and enjoy our collection of specialties such as: indeterminate Grape tomatoes of various colors, Cherries and Mini Romas. In the agricultural world innovation is constant, that is why Ahern works tirelessly to support farmers in Mexico, with this event we present the best varieties for Sinaloa.

Entern your information here to be contacted about making a visit to our shade house.

[gravityform id="14" name="Expo Agro Sinaloa English" title="false" description="false"] Watch these videos to find out more about the varieties that will be in Sinaloa!



Expo Agro Sinaloa

This year we are very excited to be a part of the Expo Agro Sinaloa! Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. will be in stand T-31. You will also have the opportunity to see our products at our experimental field. In these videos you can see some of the products distributed by Ahern and get the opinions of some industry experts about our products. 2015 will be the best year for Ahern. In the following videos you can learn about some of our varieties. Enter your information here to be contacted about reserving a tour of our experimental farm. [gravityform id="14" name="Expo Agro Sinaloa English" title="false" description="false"]


TOP 2245

World Class Knowledge at Our Reach

World class seed experts, dedicated to enlightening new members of the seed industry at UC Davis’ Seed Business 101. Among these new members are employees from Ahern Agribusiness, Inc., who have the desire to cultivate all the knowledge they can during the weeklong class.
“Seed Business 101 has magnified the world of the seed industry to me, making me want to learn more about all the participants and the jobs Involved in the production of something we sometimes take for granted, OUR FOOD!”- Ximena Olea, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.
The experts that teach this course include Maurice Smith former COO of Harris Moran Seed Company, Pieter Vandenberg with 46 years experience in genetic research and plant breading, John Sorenson, who with 32 years of experience is now the CEO of Vestaron, and Mike Pereira the VP for Agricultural Operations for SGB. They share their experiences through stories and lectures. After, the students work on solving case studies where they run into some common problems from the seed business. The students are split into diverse groups where they used the expertise from each person to solve the case studies.
“The class was very helpful to comprehend the vegetable seed business better, clarifying basic concepts to understand the big picture, as well as the more technical parts, from the breeding processes to the sales.” - Lorena Ortiz, Customer Service, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.
It is evident that with so much knowledge, every question that is thrown at the specialists is answered almost instantly, with the exception of one. When one of the students asked them what was one of the most memorable moments they have from being in the seed industry, the savants paused and reflected on their lives that had been shaped in the industry. Finally, John Sorenson answered, “When I decided to retire and made it known, I received calls, emails, letters, etc. from people telling me what a difference I had made in their lives.” A goal for most of us in life is to make a difference in the world. Everyone who is in the seed industry can truly say that they have an impact on lives. Thanks to people who share their knowledge, we are able to have an industry where everyone cooperates to provide the best products for the final customers who are all of us.
“The experience that each professor has in the industry reflects on the way they teach and gives the students a complete and clear picture of the business.” – Maria Chousal, Marketing Coordinator, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.
The students attending this course are recognized by their companies to have potential to grow their careers in the seed business. At Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. we send our employees to attend this course frequently. This year we had one of our largest groups attend, consisting of customer service, logistics, marketing, and administrative employees. We value our employees as well as our customers so, for us to continue being one of the leading seed distributing companies, it is necessary for us to invest in the training of our employees.
“At Ahern, it is important for us to understand the jobs of our seed breeder suppliers to be successful at distributing the product. In this course I was able to learn about the seed producton, quality control, and of course, marketing and sales. It gave me a better understanding of how complicated our industry is.” – Brianna Ahern, Human Resources Coordinator, Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.

The Perfect Variety

By: Armando Luna Product Manager Chilies, beans and squash. All of us involved in the seed business, either as suppliers, distributors, or growers have always dreamed of having the perfect variety ... raise your hand if you haven’t. In this article, I will talk to you about the perfect bell pepper variety. This magnificent and elegant crop, that is worthy to bear the name, "king of vegetables. " I have to confess that this is one of the crops I’m most passionate about. Since the first test I conducted when I entered into the world of vegetables, I was impressed by this wonderful crop. The distinguished structure of the plant, the noble form of its fruit and majestic colors is what makes it so grand. Growing the crop is an art, because it is full of challenges for farmers. Aside from its yield, we can also mention: disease resistances, uniformity in color, sizes and shapes of the fruits, and of course, the great challenge is posed in the silvering and corking of the fruit. After much research, there have been significant advances to produce new varieties that need different and improved management techniques. However, many of these challenges are currently active. In the market, there are excellent varieties for certain characteristics. For example, some have excellent tolerance to corcky fruit but mature too late, or produce low yield. Others have excellent yield and maturity, but are susceptible to corky or silver fruit. There are regions that need varieties that can "jump" the winter months, and they exist, but unfortunately do not produce the right quality required for export. There are other areas where diseases leave no options, you have to sow the ones that have disease tolerance, regardless of the quality, or maturity. At the end of the day, we realize that a perfect variety exists for each region and need. Even with their shortcomings these are the "perfect variety" for that region and grower, for now. At Ahern Seeds, the professional team of product development department works closely with our suppliers to find THE PERFECT VARIETY for you.

Mid Year Meetings 2014

The Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. family had the opportunity to get together again at our half a yearly meetings. The meetings were held at the Marriott Hotel in Tijuana. There we had the opportunity to share technical market and sales information as well as strengthen our relationships. It was a pleasure to see how excited all employees are to achieve the company goals.

Some employees commented:

"At this meeting I see that we are a more aligned, united and organized group." - Yunuen Solar "Here, we're all full of energy, we have to find this same motivation to continue our commitment!" - Victor Retes "Every year we are improving, growing, and bulding a more solid and strong company. From three years ago to now we have changed a lot. "- Jose Valle "We will continue to innovate and grow! Next year will be the most productive year we've ever had, thanks to the determination that we put on our work and the excellent leadership we have." - Ximena Olea

At the meetings we also said goodbye to two members of the Ahern family.

We remember our friend Guillermo Velez who died on November 27. He was always a person who brought joy to wherever he went. We know that from heaven we will be watching and helping us to "Get a 25% margin!" Even though he was one step ahead on life's path, Willy always be in our hearts. The Engineer Kamaneff Alonso began working for a farm in San Quintin. Although we will miss him at the company, we wish him well in this new phase of his life. Everything in life passes and we must take pride in everything we do. In Ahern we are proud of our employees and the work we accomplish together.

Ahern muestra pimientos, tomates y especialidades de Zeraim/Syngenta en Guanajuato

Ahern International organizó un Día de Campo junto con Zeraim y Syngenta para mostrar sus variedades de pimientos de colores, tomates y especialidades para condiciones protegidas. El evento, que convocó a más de 120 productores de las zonas del Bajío y Occidente, tuvo lugar el 30 de octubre en las instalaciones de Expo Agro Alimentaria Guanajuato.

Mauro Mancera, asesor comercial de semillas hibridas de hortalizas de Ahern en la región Bajío, comentó a la revista Productores de Hortalizas que el propósito de estos eventos – organizados por Ahern periódicamente — es promover materiales con una genética de capacidad más productiva para que el agricultor tenga la posibilidad de incrementar su calidad y rendimientos a costos más accesibles.

Haga clic aquí para leer mas!

Learn About Ahern's Varieties at the Expo Agro Alimentaria!

November is going to be very exciting for Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.  and all companies in the industry. You will have many opportunities to see Ahern's products at the field days we will have and at the Expo Agroalimentaria in Irapuato, Guanajuato from 11 to 14 November. At our fieldday that we willhost with Monsanto, you will have the oportunity to see for yourself the quality of the varieties we offer including our exclusive pepper, Darsena. Click here for more information. In the coming weeks we will share a couple of videos every two weeks, in these videos you can see some products distributed by Ahern and get feedback from industry experts on Ahern's products .

Watch this video of our variety, Top 1182.

Watch this testimonial video of our new tomato variety, Wirikuta.

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Preparing for the New Season

The tomatoes, onions, watermelons and cucumbers season is coming! The seeds from Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. are of the highest quality.The help from our sales representatives and agronomists team will find the best seeds for your field. Contact your representative today for more information about our varieties of tomatoes, onions, melons and cucumbers!

Tomatoes: Have you seen our wide selection of tomato seeds for your field? The roma tomatoes we offer from Hazera including Betty, Matty, Katya, Sheena and Galilea and those from BHN such as Alcotan, Aquila, Condor, Falcon and many more, will provide you with high-yielding crops. For your Round tomato needs check out our tomato varieties from Zeraim Gedera including Cedral and Sprigle and our rootstocks Taurino and Palo Verde. Our specialties tomatoes including those from Top Seeds will give you a unique harvest with high flavor fruits!


Onions:  Ahern has the right seed for your field, whether you need short, intermediate or long day onions. With our Monsanto varieties including Cougar, Cirrus, Sterling and La Joya, and the varieties from Rispens: RS174 and Glacier Max and those from Enza Zaden like Cal Imperial 214 and Red Coach, you will be able to have a harvest of onions with strong bulbs and plants with resistance to pink root.

Glacier Max

Watermelons: The watermelon seeds distributed by Ahern bear fruit of very high quality. With sweet flavor and bright colors. Check our selection of watermelons from Syngenta such as Fascination and Escarlett, Enza Zaden such as Sugar Coat and Sugar Red and those from Hazera like Mielheart, Extasy and Ocelot, and finally our Ahern variety Kalahari.


Cucumbers: The wide selection of cucumber seeds we have at Ahern, will give you the opportunity to find the right cucumber for your field whether you need American Slicer, European Pickle or Persian type. The cucumber seeds from Enza Zaden including Katrina and Macario are the best in the market.

Katrina pepino

Field day in Rancho los Pinos

On October 2nd, we had our annual field day at the tents at Rancho los Pinos in San Quintin. The attendees of this event had the opportunity to evaluate a wide selection of our Roma, Round, Cherry, Grape and specialty tomatoes. On Thursday morning, we began the event with talks given by two Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. specialists, Jose Roman Lopez and Carlos Sanchez, followed specialists Dr. Raymundo Garcia and Leandro Jurado. Jose Roman Lopez highlighted the most outstanding varieties, informing us about the resistances, yields and primary characteristics of the different varieties. The discourse given by Dr. Garcia updated us about new tomato diseases in the Valley of San Quintin valley and management practices to control their potential crop damage.


Over 100 people attended the shade house, including owners from various companies such as: Jose and Ricardo Martinez from Punta Colonet San Telmo, Conrado and Gerardo Gonzales from Rancho Don Juanito, Carlos Castaneda from BerryVeg, Roberto and Fabian Rojas from Agrovida and, Jorge Magaña Rancho Hermanos Magaña and our close partners, Fernando Rodriguez, CEO of Rancho los Pinos as well as Benjamin Rodriguez, Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez and Antonio Rodriguez, from Rancho los Pinos. The varieties that were exhibited distinguish themselves from others with respect to high yields, the health of the plants, and for the high quality of their fruit thus being new alternatives for the farmers of the area.

DSC_0485 DSC_0528

Some varieties that were deemed exceptional are catalogued bellow: Round:







Those who attended the event also had the opportunity to taste some of our specialty varieties of high flavor quality. The favorite varieties were: TOM0001729 and TOM0004363 from Ahern, Swetelle from Syngenta, and TOP 2209 and TOP 2245 from Top Seeds

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The event ended with a five star meal. The chefs prepared dishes using the local ingredients such as tomatoes and sea food. It was a very successful and fun event for the participants as well as the hosts.


We would like to thank the Rodriguez family for their hospitality during this event.
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Field day in Chignahuapan, Puebla for the Pai Pai Tomato

We would like to thank all who were a part of the event we had with our partners from Enza Zaden on September 25th To read more about the event click here.

Deficiencies in N-P-K

Deficiencies in N-P-K

By: Eng. Alonso Kamaneff Bojorquez

Nitrogen deficiency

Phosphorus Deficiency

Potassium deficiency

When symptoms are already evident on the ground, it means that the plant has gone through changes and stress. As a result there is a decrease in yields. Do not take chances. It is best to make a foliar analysis, with the results you will determine if the concentration of each nutrient is optimal in the plant. Fertilab® will conduct a suggestion if your plant has some deficiency. No extra cost! It is important to fertilize after conducting an analysis so that the treatment is the correct one!

Informational Websites

International Seed Federation http://www.worldseed.org/isf/home.html The International Seed Federation represents the interests of the mainstream of the seed industry at a global level through interaction and dialogue with public and private institutions that have an impact on international seed trade. Global Information Services for Seed Professionals http://www.seedquest.com/ Provides organized information about some seed suppliers. Produce Marketing Association http://www.pma.com The Produce Marketing Association is a trade organization representing companies from every segment of the global fresh produce and floral supply chain. Allium Net http://alliumnet.com Promote a network of onion and other allium researchers, extensionists, growers, and industry reps in relation to research and extension for onion thrips. Asociación Mexicana de Horticultura Protegida http://www.amhpac.org Unir a la industria de la horticultura protegida mexicana, convertirnos en un gremio sólido, para así conseguir el reconocimiento a nivel nacional que permita la representación y defensa de sus intereses, promover los servicios y herramientas útiles que impulsen la productividad y competitividad de nuestra membresía. Hortalizas http://www.hortalizas.com deRiego http://editorialderiego.com HortiCultivos http://www.horticultivos.com El Jornalero http://www.eljornalero.com.mx Agricultura Moderna http://www.agmoderna.com/revista-digital

Hazera Genetics: Working Together for Over 30 Years

This quarter we would like to introduce a close partner of Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. ® who we are proud to represent, Hazera Genetics Ltd.. Ahern and Hazera have been working together for more than 30 years to provide our customers with world class products. The investigations they conduct for each of their products are unique to each variety. If you are looking for seeds of the highest quality be sure to look at those offered by Hazera. By providing high quality products and excellent service to customers, Hazera has become a leading seed supplier worldwide. We invite you to see for yourself why Hazera is a first-choice supplier in its core markets.

Hazera's History:

Hazera was established in 1939 as a corporation but soon after it became a private company. Ten years ago, Hazera became a part of the 2nd largest seed company in the world, Limagrain®. There are over 15 subsidiaries of Hazera including those in Europe, Africa, North and South America and China, selling mostly vegetable seeds like tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, and cereal grains like wheat and corn.

Hazera's Global Strategy:

Hazera aims to be the leading company in their segment. To achieve this they invest 20% of their profits in R&D of key vegetables products, researching new varieties and increasing their team of agronomists and sales representatives. They have many facilities all over the world, including one in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

Strategy in Mexico:

Mexico is a major country in which they take pride and promote their Roma tomato business. In the office in Culiacan they rely on 14 Hazera team members who form part of the R&D, sales, and administration teams.

Ahern and Hazera:

Bob Munger, Hazera’s Commercial Manager for North America, states “Ahern is our strategic partner for the development of market share in Mexico. With every new variety, Ahern is at the top of the list when it comes to picking a distributer.” In the last six years, Hazera has grown six times its size due to their hard work and partnership with Ahern . Hazera and Ahern do many projects together including the planning and promotion of new varieties. There is a good personal and business relationship between Hazera and Ahern. Kevin Ahern, CEO of Ahern Agribusiness, Inc. ®, remembers when his father Joe and relatives Archie and Ray Desert did business with Hazera over 40 years ago. Thus, Hazera and Ahern have built a strong long relationship. Ahern is proud to represent Hazera's high quality vegetable genetics. Among the many qualities that distinguish Hazera and  their variety competitiveness, is their focus on customer service long term, the experience and knowledge of their technical and management personnel, as well as their approach to long term business development. Ahern and Hazera have enjoyed a long, mutually rewarding business relationship; now entering its fifth decade. We expect that relationship to continue to grow in the decades to come

Future of Hazera:

Hazera plans to focus on five types of crops to increase their sales margins by developing different tomato, watermelon and pepper varieties. Hazera is the leader for the roma tomato, seedless watermelon and personal watermelon markets. Their main focus for the future is to obtain more market share for their existing open field and net house cultivation peppers and to create a new line of cruciferae products.

Tomato Program:

Hazera’s open field determinate roma tomatoes program which includes Betty, Katya, Sheena, and Galilea is diverse in the way that the tomatoes are strategically designed. With different resistances and abilities there is at least one variety that can grow successfully in each main region of Mexico. Hazera and Ahern are putting their efforts together in order to become the market leaders in tomato sales.


Annual Meeting at Rancho Los Pinos

This year, we were fortunate enough to be hosted by Rancho Los Pinos for our annual meetings in May 2014. Rancho Los Pinos is a close client of Ahern. As one of our largest and oldest clients, we have had the opportunity to help and watch their business grow as well as provide them have the best quality seeds in the industry. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to tour their greenhouses and packing facility, which is one of the most modern and well developed facilities in Mexico. At the meetings, we were able to share knowledge about our products and learn how we can better serve our clients. The annual meetings help us strengthen our internal community so that as a company we can find the best solutions for the challenges faced in our industry. Rancho Los Pinos is a great example of this! We look forward to continuing our partnership with Rancho Los Pinos by ensure them with the best product for their needs. We greatly appreciate the hospitality of the Rodriguez family, owners of Rancho los Pinos, and look forward to continuing to grow with you!  



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