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Type: Nantes

Variety: Soprano F1

Supplier: Vilmorin

Average Weight/Size: Length 19 cm-21 cm (7.5 in-8.5 in); Diameter 4 cm-4.5 cm (1.5 in- 1.75 in)

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Ad/Ar/Eh; IR: Ps/Pu/Pb

Culture: Open field

Soprano is a high potential variety for production of medium and “log” carrots. Due to its excellent Alternaria tolerance, it is a good option for the rainy season. This variety has a very intense external color, good shelf life, is uniform and smooth and can be used for the processing market (round slices). Recommended for sowing during July-February. The root size (length and diameter) depends on the sowing population.

NOTICE: All of the present information regarding seed varieties is based on observations obtained in the field and in the laboratory. The quality and yield of the crops depends on various factors and conditions outside of our control, therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding the yield or quality of your crops.