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Ahern Exclusive

Type: Roma indeterminate

Variety: Raptor

Supplier: BHN

Average Weight/Size: 120 -150 g

Resistance/Tolerance: V/Fol: 1, 2/N/ToMV/TSWV/Pst

Culture: Medium technology

Vigorous, good consistency, uniform and healthy fruit of medium size leaves with a high balance between productive/vegetative stages, fit to be cultivated on the ground as well as in substrates such as coconut fibers and tezontle (volcanic rock). Short internodes, early maturing clusters of 6-8 fruits weighting an average of 120-150 grams per fruit. A heart shaped fruit of thick walls and excellent consistency which evenly ripen to an intense red color with a natural shine. Long-lasting shelf life and good performance in commercial exhibits. This variety has a high range of compatibility for grafting with easy cultural and nutritional handling, fit for short and long cycles. Recommended for the areas of Michoacán, San Luis Potosí, Oaxaca, Puebla y Estado de México.

NOTICE: All of the present information regarding seed varieties is based on observations obtained in the field and in the laboratory. The quality and yield of the crops depends on various factors and conditions outside of our control, therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding the yield or quality of your crops.