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Cucumber > Persian
Enza Zaden/Vitalis


Type: Persian

Variety: Socrates

Supplier: Enza Zaden/Vitalis

Average Weight/Size: 13-15 cm

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Ccu; IR: Px

Culture: Greenhouse

Socrates is a mini cucumber for the autumn and winter production periods. It produces dark green fruits of 7 in. (17-18 cm). Adaptable to... Read more
Hot Pepper > Pasilla


Type: Pasilla

Supplier: Seminis

Average Weight/Size: 24 cm

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Pc

Chile type pasilla that produces long fruits (25 cm average) that have demonstrated an excellent quality of drying. Its resistance to... Read more
Carrot > Nantes

Soprano F1

Type: Nantes

Variety: Soprano F1

Supplier: Vilmorin

Average Weight/Size: Length 19 cm-21 cm (7.5 in-8.5 in); Diameter 4 cm-4.5 cm (1.5 in- 1.75 in)

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Ad/Ar/Eh; IR: Ps/Pu/Pb

Culture: Open field

Soprano is a high potential variety for production of medium and “log” carrots. Due to its excellent Alternaria tolerance, it is a good... Read more

Sparrow F1

Variety: Sparrow F1

Supplier: Hazera

Average Weight/Size: 1-2 kg

Culture: Open field

High yielding variety for the fresh and processing markets. Its average weight is between 1 and 2 kg and has a round shape. Its maturity... Read more
Tomato > Beef Indeterminate > High Technology
De Ruiter


Type: Beef indeterminate

Variety: Speedella

Supplier: De Ruiter

Average Weight/Size: 150-160 g

Resistance/Tolerance: HR:ToMV/Fol: 1, 2/Va/Vd/Ma/Mi/Mj

Culture: High technology

Strong vigorous plant, noted for its earliness and short internodes. Clusters with very uniform large fruit of an average weight between... Read more
Tomato > Grape > Protected


Type: Grape indeterminate

Variety: Stacy

Supplier: Hazera

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Vd/Fol: 1-3/ToMV/Pst/ToANV; IR: Mj/TYLCV

Culture: Greenhouse and Shadehouse

Adaptable and multi-disease resistant variety with exceptional yield potential. The attractive, dark red fruit is wonderfully sweet with... Read more
Lettuce > Salinas


Type: Salinas

Variety: Stallion

Supplier: Seminis

Resistance/Tolerance: Bl: 1-23, 25

Culture: Open field

A Salinas type lettuce of Med-vigor plant that tolerates not extreme cold environments. Stallion is ideal for bag packaging due to its... Read more
Bell Pepper > Yellow


Type: Yellow

Variety: Stephania

Supplier: Zeraim/Syngenta

Average Weight/Size: Extra Large - Jumbo

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Tm: 0-3

Culture: Protected

Strong plant, open habit, wide leaves, easy continuous fruit setting, it is a shade greenhouse production pepper (Dutch style handling),... Read more
Onion > White Long Day


Type: White long day

Variety: Sterling

Supplier: Monsanto

Average Weight/Size: Jumbo-Colossal

Resistance/Tolerance: IR: Pt/Foc

Culture: Open field

Sterling is an attractive white onion with shiny scales, a globe shape and mildly pungent flavor. Its uniform bulbs range in size from... Read more
Tomato > Roma Indeterminate > Protected


Type: Beef indeterminate

Variety: Strabo

Supplier: Zeraim/Syngenta

Average Weight/Size: 250-300 g

Resistance/Tolerance: V/Fol: 1-3/ToMV/TSWV/M(IR)

Culture: Protected

Round indeterminate tomato plant, medium vigor with short to medium internodes, good coverage, average ripening period, transplant: spring,... Read more

NOTICE: All of the present information regarding seed varieties is based on observations obtained in the field and in the laboratory. The quality and yield of the crops depends on various factors and conditions outside of our control, therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding the yield or quality of your crops.