Type: Roma determinate

Variety: DRD 8551

Supplier: Seminis

Average Weight/Size: 100-120 g

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: ToMV: 0-2/ToTV/Fol: 1, 2/Va:0/Vd:0; IR: TYLCV/Ma/Mi/Mj

Culture: Open field

Roma determinate hybrid tomato has a strong plant for open field culture which gives early yields and continuous production throughout the culturing cycle. Produces a square/rounded fruit for national and export market; fruit sizes fluctuate between 100-200 grams with excellent consistency and production. Ideal for spring and end of culturing cycle since it shows a strong plant’s winter resistance.

NOTICE: All of the present information regarding seed varieties is based on observations obtained in the field and in the laboratory. The quality and yield of the crops depends on various factors and conditions outside of our control, therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding the yield or quality of your crops.