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Ahern Exclusive

Type: Beef indeterminate

Variety: Dioniso

Supplier: Zeraim/Syngenta

Average Weight/Size: 300 g

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Fol: 3/Ff: 1-5/For/V/Ss/M/TMV: 0/ToMV: 0-2; IR: TYLCV

Culture: Medium technology

The complete tomato, facilitates the agronomic handling and maintains a productive cycle of high performance, since it offers a wide package of foliar and root resistances. The plant is vigorous, early and concentrated with high productive capacity during the whole cycle. Its fruit has a globe shape with average sizes of 300 grams during its cycle.


NOTICE: All of the present information regarding seed varieties is based on observations obtained in the field and in the laboratory. The quality and yield of the crops depends on various factors and conditions outside of our control, therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding the yield or quality of your crops.