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Featured Varieties
Tomato > Beef Indeterminate > Medium Technology

Featured Variety

Type: Beef indeterminate

Variety: Sprigel

Supplier: Zeraim/Syngenta

Average Weight/Size: 250-300 g

Resistance/Tolerance: V/Fol: 1, 2/ToMV/For/TSWV/Ff/M(IR)

Culture: Medium technology

Strong plant with excellent continuity, and medium internodes. High tolerance in the field to Stemphylium spp. Maintains large sizes... Read more
Carrot > Nantes

Featured Variety

Type: Nantes

Variety: Súbito

Supplier: Vilmorin

Average Weight/Size: Medium

Resistance/Tolerance: IR: Ad/Cc

Culture: Open field

Early carrot variety for winter sowing and spring harvesting. Its leaves are erect and vigorous with a light green color, as well as... Read more
Bell Pepper > Green

Featured Variety

Type: Green

Variety: SV1675PB

Supplier: Seminis

Average Weight/Size: 200-250 g

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: PepMoV/PYV: 1.2/TEV/Tm: 0/ Xcv: 0-4, 7-9; IR: CMV/Pc

Culture: Open field

For early and mid-season producers, it has a vigorous plant with excellent fruit coverage, large and extra large sizes and a nice green... Read more
Bell Pepper > Red

Featured Variety

Type: Red

Variety: SV9908PB

Supplier: Seminis

Average Weight/Size: 230-260 g

Resistance/Tolerance: HR:Tm:0/Xcv:0-3,7,8; IR:TSWV

Blocky type that matures to red color, vigorous plant with excellent balance in different areas of Mexico. Fruit consistency in size,... Read more
Tomato > Roma Determinate > Open Field

Featured Variety

Type: Roma determinate

Variety: SVTE8444

Supplier: Seminis

Average Weight/Size: L & XL / 132 g

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: ToMV: 0-2/ToTV/Ff: 1-5/Fol: 1-3/For/Sbl/Sl/Ss/Va: 1/Vd: 1; IR: TYLCV/Ma/Mi/Mj

Culture: Open field

Vigorous hybrid roma tomato with high quality fruits and an optimum resistance package. Its sizes are L and XL (132 g), with high firmness... Read more
Tomato > Grape > Open Field

Featured Variety

Type: Grape determinate

Variety: Tannat

Supplier: BHN

Resistance/Tolerance: Fol: 1-3/TMV/TSWV/TYLCV

Culture: Open Field

Grape determinate tomato for open field. It has a very vigorous plant with excellent coverage. With a very complete disease tolerance... Read more
Cucumber > Slicer
Enza Zaden/Vitalis

Featured Variety

Type: Slicer

Variety: Tirano

Supplier: Enza Zaden/Vitalis

Average Weight/Size: 22-25 cm

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Ccu; IR: Px/CMV/CVYV

Culture: Greenhouse

American Slicer with a semi-open, strong structure plant that shows strong fruit setting throughout the cycle. It has an early harvest and... Read more
Tomato > Roma Indeterminate > Medium Technology

Featured Variety

Type: Roma indeterminate

Variety: Tobala

Supplier: Ahern

Average Weight/Size: 150-180 g

Resistance/Tolerance: HR: Va/Vd:0/Fol: 1, 2/ToMV/TMV/For; IR: M/TYLCV

Culture: Medium technology

Vigorous and healthy plant with short internodes. Regular to abundant fruit setting and tendency to bifurcate clusters. The cluster is... Read more
Tomato > Specialties > Protected
Top Seeds

Top 1183
Featured Variety

Type: Cherry indeterminate

Variety: Top 1183

Supplier: Top Seeds

Average Weight/Size: 20 g

Resistance/Tolerance: TMV/V/Fol: 1, 2/N

Culture: Protected

Red Cherry with a weigh of 20 grams. With excellent flavor and Brix. For cluster production, of high yield, with light green shoulders.... Read more
Tomato > Specialties > Protected
Top Seeds

Top 1184
Featured Variety

Type: Cherry indeterminate

Variety: TOP 1184

Supplier: Top Seeds

Average Weight/Size: 25 g

Resistance/Tolerance: TMV/Fol: 1, 2/ V/Ff5/ For/N

Culture: Protected

High yielding red Cherry with excellent flavor and Brix, for cluster production. Suitable for greenhouse production with good illumination... Read more

NOTICE: All of the present information regarding seed varieties is based on observations obtained in the field and in the laboratory. The quality and yield of the crops depends on various factors and conditions outside of our control, therefore we cannot make any guarantees regarding the yield or quality of your crops.