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Erica Renaud
Regional Business Manager North America - Vitalis Organic Seeds
From mom and pop home gardens to multi-hectare commercial farms, the market for organic crops has grown exponentially in both the United States and Mexico, and it isn’t slowing down. The organic market in the U.S. is growing by over ten percent per year, and it’s not just what they are growing that has changed, it is also the method by which they do it. “The biggest areas of growth are in fruits and vegetables. While the crops used to be mainly grown in the open field, I am starting to see expansion into heated greenhouses,” said Erica Renaud, Regional Business Manager of North America for Vitalis Organic Seeds. With Mexico being one of the leading producers of fresh produce in the world, it is no surprise that many farmers in the country are investing in growing organic crops. According to Renaud, “Mexico has recognized the organic market as a fundamental part of the general economy. It is an enormous opportunity for Mexico because although the market is growing in the U.S. the acreage isn’t and Mexico has the acreage needed.” Our partner, Vitalis, is the world’s leading producer of organic vegetable seeds. Vitalis is the only breeding company with a fully diversified line of organic seed products. David Rifenbark, co-founder of Viva Organica and owner of Heaven Sent Organic Farm in Maneadero, Mexico is familiar with many Vitalis varieties. “The supplier I know the most is Vitalis from Enza. We use Katrina for Persian [cucumbers] and we have used Alcazar and Primavera for the American slicer type. They are both very productive varieties, very worthwhile commercially,” said Rifenbark.

A word from our growers...

Organics became more main-stream… Now you can go anywhere: Costco, Walmart, any of those big stores; the big chains all have organic vegetables now.

David Rifenbark
Owner of Heaven Sent Organic Farm

The big change is in the demand of the market for finer quality, blemish free products that look just like the traditional product. The demand has changed for them to be aesthetically perfect.

Ross Vail
President of Sueño Tropical

At Ahern, they provide very good service. They supply most of our seed [because] they are very precise in their variety recommendations that can adapt to the region.

Ing. Manuel Toyes
Production Manager at Agroproductos del Cabo

Organic Seed Varieties

In the last four years, Pai Pai has become the leading Roma variety in Mexico. Download our catalog to learn more.

Pai Pai

Ahern Seeds is the exclusive distributor of the American Slicer cucumber program for Vitalis. View all the varieties in our downloadable catalog.


Learn about our diversified line of organic tomato and cucumber seeds by downloading our catalog.