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To meet those demands, experts at Ahern Seeds identify the best breeders from around the world to partner with and help develop the finest genetics for our growers. One of our partners who we proudly represent is Top Seeds, Inc.

Founded in 2005 by Amid Avidov, Top Seeds, Inc. is a premier seed breeding company concentrating on tomato, sweet pepper, eggplant, cucumber, and watermelon. Top Seeds utilizes the pioneering technology of their parent company, KAIIMA, called Enhanced Polyploid or EP. Focusing on sustainable agriculture, this non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) technology enhances the productivity of crops while increasing their tolerance to stress and disease. Top Seeds recognizes the need for solutions against hunger in our world and they believe that EP technology can possibly impact this issue in a big way.

Jan Leune, CEO of Top Seeds, foresees many advancements in the future. “Vegetable seed research is still young and there is huge potential for growth,” says Leune. According to Leune, the new breeding techniques that Top Seeds is using develop seeds that not only attain high quality, but also produce high flavor crops.

Top Seeds, is breeding for all segments in the world, for every shape and size, a key part of their portfolio is breeding of the niche tomato, with many shapes, colors, and great taste. “People are willing to pay more for a high flavor tomato, which has strongly increased the demand for this kind of tomato in the USA over the past three years,” says Leune.

Top Seeds and Ahern work together to provide growers with seeds that produce delicious tomatoes in whatever region they are in.

Ahern is the sole distributor of Top Seeds products in Mexico. “Our teams work in tight collaboration screening tomatoes and peppers under all micro-climatic, cultural, and geographic conditions. Following a four phase development process over a minimum of 3 seasons, only the most productive and highest quality genetics are selected for commercial introduction,” says Kevin Ahern, CEO of Ahern Agribusiness, Inc.

For Ahern and Top Seeds our success is reflected by the success of our growers. Contact us today to learn how we can grow with you. Click here

Interview with Alon Lerner

We are very excited to share with you an interview with Alon Lerner, Vice President of Research & Development for KAIIMA, regarding breeding strategy and where the industry is headed.

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Top Seeds ​Varieties

We offer a variety of tomatoes adaptable to all conditions and needs of different microclimates in Mexico.

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