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Founded in 1938 by Jacob Mazereeuw, Enza Zaden is a world class vegetable seed breeding company and leader in many varieties. Their breeding programs include tomato, cucumber, onion, sweet pepper and leafy vegetables.

"Due to our expertise, our varieties are to meet the diverse demands of growers around the world; whether they are geographical, climatic, or market demands," says Rodolfo Leyva, General Manager, Enza Zaden Mexico.

Mexico is a place where Enza Zaden’s genetics largely benefit the growers and ultimately the consumers.  In 1989, Enza Zaden’s first seed trials in Sinaloa, Mexico were conducted starting with their beef tomatoes and sweet peppers.

"Our varieties quickly became well- known due to their excellent adaptability which proved to be a competitive option to the grower," says Rene Baldenebro, Sales Manager- Northern Mexico, Enza Zaden Mexico.

Kevin Ahern, CEO of Ahern Agribusiness, Inc., remembers the first trials of Enza Zaden peppers and tomatoes in the early 1990s. Growers in Baja California had never seen the quality and yields Enza Zaden genetics produced. “One of the first successes we enjoyed was with Tomato, Gironda. The fruit set, size, short internodes, firmness, glossy shine and smoothness were outstanding," says Ahern. Read More


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Interview with Gonzalo Tovar
Sales Manager Central Mexico at Enza Zaden
Interview with Ton van der Velden
CEO Enza Zaden USA, Canada and Mexico
Interview with Geale Sevenster
Region Manager Central and South America

What is the strategy for Enza Zaden and Ahern’s protected culture varieties in this region?

We focus our development and promotion of the product according to the market knowledge and consumers or clients we have. We also have an execution plan with the new commercial varieties.

What are the most outstanding varieties for 2015?

In our selection of cucumbers:
Slicer: Primavera, Paraíso and Alcázar which are already well known and a new variety Tirano (E23S.15995), which will be introduced to the market in 2015 and 2016. These varieties are used for the national market as well as the export market and depending on the production season and systems in the recommendation. With these varieties we can work with annual production programs. Read More

Enza Zaden and Ahern sign a cooperation and development agreement on slicer cucumbers

San Diego, California, USA. May 18, 2015