Innovation in agricultural technology is exploding

From exceedingly powerful new genetics, to precise biological inputs, to farming systems powered by artificial intelligence the landscape of farming will never be the same. Ahern Integrated Solutions embraces three pillars of the innovative revolution.

The Seed

After extensive research and evaluation, outstanding and widely adaptable genetics are selected and studied to learn their optimal nutritional requirements under diverse microclimatic and soil conditions. AIS offers nutritional protocols that aid yield and improve quality for each of the following varieties:


New indeterminate Roma tomato variety, very productive, averaging 7-8 tomatoes per cluster and double clusters. Fruits of intense red color, firm, and thick walls with an average weight of 160-180 grams.
Arroqueño is part of our Ahern Integrated Solutions tomato program, it is a superior variety in quality and yields. The plant is vigorous, healthy and has short internodes that produce high quality tomatoes. It possesses precocity and mooring of fruits. A good nutritional management makes this variety stand out in the markets of Sinaloa.



La Gema is an indeterminate roma variety that is distinguishable by its long shelf life, plant health, and fruits that are uniform in size and maturity. Their average weight ranges from 140 to 170 g. It also has a very complete resistance package.
La Gema is a part of our Ahern Integrated Solutions tomato portfolio, that through an apt nutritional management stands out in markets that demand high quality and long shelf life.


AH 6189

Its exceptional firmness and maturity to an intense and bright red color make this variety stand out amongst others in the market. It has a strong, healthy and vigorous plant, with 6-7 fruits per cluster. Their sizes are L and XL with an average weight of 160 – 180 g, of early cycle.
AH 6189 is part of our Ahern Integrated Solutions program, as it is a variety of superior quality. An apt nutritional management makes this variety thrive in temperate climates.


SVTE 8444

Vigorous hybrid roma tomato with high quality fruits and an optimum resistance package. Its sizes are L and XL (132 g), with high firmness and uniform maturity. Adaptable to different regions and types of soils and to stake cultivation. Its vigor allows it to reach high yields in intermediate cycles. Relative maturity of 90 days. Its plant is vigorous with excellent health due to its extensive resistance package. It matures with excellent color, form and firmness. High productivity potential.



Medium vigor plant with short internodes, good leaf cover, maturation to harvest is intermediate. The fruit has a flat balloon shape of bright red color, barely marked shoulders, sizes 4×4 to the 4×5, presents very good filling during the whole cycle. Because of its fruit shape it fits both the 15-pound and the 25-pound pack. In addition to its resistance, it shows very good tolerance to foliage diseases such as Xanthomonas and Sthemphyllium. The variety is very well suited for intermediate production cycles under shade in the tomato regions of Sinaloa and Sonora. (LSL = long shelf life).



The complete tomato, facilitates the agronomic handling and maintains a productive cycle of high performance, since it offers a wide package of foliar and root resistances. The plant is vigorous, early and concentrated with high productive capacity during the whole cycle. Its fruit has a globe shape with average sizes of 300 grams during its cycle.



Vigorous and healthy plant with short internodes. Regular to abundant fruit setting and tendency to bifurcate clusters. The cluster is formed by 6-8 uniform oval fruits, with a weight between 150 to 180 grams. With small end blossom. The fruits mature to a natural bright red color, and have good taste. Intermediate maturity. The fruit firmness and wall thickness provides a long shelf life.


Agricultural Technology

With so many advances in artificial intelligence, it is crucial that we learn about and identify the best technologies available. Technologies like Prospera. Prospera is a revolutionary solution, that applies the power of artificial intelligence to allow users to evaluate detailed information about all aspects of their crops.
Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Prospera:

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